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The Revolutionary liquid vegetable sausage casing system. Watch & Learn how the all new VegiCase System™ will improve your business and save you money.

Pan Fried Sausages Straight or curved, as you wish. Cocktail Length Sausages Shrimp Sausages


PRODUCTION ROOM -- Learn about the Equipment & Process


Easy to Use

     • Use your current stuffer
     • Easy to clean
     • Straight forward design for low maintenance

Simple Production process
     • Use pre-weighed dry-ingreients packages
     • Use pre-set water amount
     • Easy mixing
     • VegiCase System™
          o Sets the diameter
          o Sets the link length
          o Totally encloses the sausage
          o Evenly coats sausage
          o Ready to package or further process in 2 minutes

Low manpower requirement
     • ½ person can run one system

Wide range of Production Capacities
     • 580 lbs/hr to 5220 lbs/hr

Dry ingredients (just mix with water)