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Healthy Fruit sausage snacks?  Why not? Higher volume small sausage w/ no rejects
Color added in the casing Attractive retail packaging; all ends closed
Ready to package, freeze, cook, etc. Hungry yet?  MMmmmmmm!
Why seafood sausage?  Why not! Cheese, please!


TEST KITCHEN -- Learn what product you can make & taste/color/anti-microbials

Product Variety Galore
     • All meats
     • Fish
     • Cheese
     • Seafood
     • Vegetables
     • Fruits
     • Even Pet food

Wide range of sizes
     • Diameter from 10mm to 44mm
     • Lenghts from Meatballs to Rope

     • Meatballs
     • Sausage
          o Cocktail
          o Rope
          o Rolled
     • Flat
     • Custom shapes

Flavor/Color/Antibacterial (Add in liquid VegiCasingTM)
     • Add flavor profiles
     • Add color profiles
     • Add anti-Listeria agents

Special Clients

Kosher, Halal, All Natural, Vegetarian, Vegan